Please fill out the form below with your order request. Orders will be filled as best as possible according to the cuts and quantities available. We will make our best efforts to contact you if we will be unable to fulfill any part of your order.

All orders will be picked up at the Warren Ranch unless otherwise specified.

Please contact with any questions or call 281-536-0696

Ribeye: $18/lb                      T-bone Steak: $15/lb                   New York Strip: $13/lb
Brisket: $8/lb                       Rump Roast: $8/lb                       Chuck Roast: $8/lb  
Hamburger: $8.50/lb            Fajitas: $9/lb                              Heart: $6/lb
Soup Bones: $6/lb                Oxtail: $6/lb                               Tongue: $6/lb           

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All cuts of Warren Ranch Beef are subject to availability. We will fulfill your order to the best of our abilities, and will make our best efforts to inform you if part of your order is currently unavailable. All prices are measured per pound, and are subject to change. Orders must be picked up from the Warren Ranch unless otherwise specified. You will be contacted after submission of this form to discuss order details, availability, payment, and pick up.